I have been working on establishing a research program in the broad area of process safety and asset integrity management in the process and marine industries with an emphasis on data-driven approaches. I am also keen on marine transportation safety, especially in risk management of Arctic shipping. My past research work can be divided into four main categories:

  1. Risk management of offshore operations in harsh cold environments;
  2. Probabilistic risk assessment of process operations;
  3. Environmental management of offshore oil and operations; and
  4. Security assessment and management of chemical plants.

Since 2019, I started to investigate how to assess and manage the resilience of complex engineered systems. Resilience engineering, a new paradigm of risk engineering, should have been paid more attention to. In this VUCA world, resilience studies can help to proactively integrate the accident preventive tasks of monitoring and prediction, the in-accident tasks of responding and adapting, and the after-accident mitigative tasks of absorption, restoring, and learning. I am also keen to learn how to integrate digital twin models with risk models to develop probabilistic digital twins for process safety assessment and management.

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