Dr. N. (Nikos) Pahos


Nikos Pahos is an Assistant Professor in the area of Innovation Management at the TU Delft. He lectures the Innovation Management course in the Companies and Innovation (C&I) minor. He also teaches for the Management of Technology (MOT) programme. Currently, he is also the Central Graduation Coordinator for TBM Faculty.

Before coming to Delft, he obtained his PhD at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). His educational background also includes a Master’s degree in Services Management, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication from AUEB. As part of his doctoral studies, he has also worked as a visiting research at the Radboud University of Nijmegen.


Nikos’ research interests are in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) in relation to innovation. His work includes both quantitative and qualitative research. He is currently working on research projects that deal with people management and Innovation, with a focus on individual, group and organizational performance. He also explores associations between team diversity and innovation in project teams.

  • TBM023B Innovation Management
  • MOT1524 Leadership and Technology Management
  • MOT1534 High Tech Marketing
  • MOT1003 Integration Moment

Nikos is also supervising Master and Bachelor thesis projects in areas such as HRM, Innovation Management, Marketing and Sharing Economy.

  • Pahos, N., & Galanaki, E. (2022). Performance effects of High Performance Work Systems on committed, long-term employees: A multilevel study. Frontiers in Psychology, 13:825397. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.825397
  • Pahos, N., Galanaki, E., van der Heijden, B. I. J. M., & de Jong, J (2021). The Moderating Effect of Age on the Association between HPWS and Employee Performance in different Work Roles. Work, Aging and Retirement, 7(3), 214-228. doi: 10.1093/workar/waaa032
  • Pahos, N., & Galanaki, E., (2020). HRM and Employee Performance for an Ageing Workforce: A Qualitative Study. In Galanaki, E., Nikandrou, I. and Panayotopoulou, L. (eds), Volume in honor of professor Nancy Papalexandris: An anthology on Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and Special issues in Management (pp. 116-137). Athens: Benou.
  • Pahos, N., & Galanaki, E., (2020). Staffing Practices and Empoyee Performance: The Role of Age. Evidence-based HRM: a Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship, 7(1), 93-112. doi: 10.1108/EBHRM-01-2018-0007

Nikos Pahos

Assistant Professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Economics of Technology and Innovation

Research interests:
Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management
Workforce Diversity
Innovation Management

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