Dr. W. (Wim) Ravesteijn


Wim Ravesteijn is an Associate Professor of Responsible and Sustainable Innovation. He is coordinating a Responsible Port Innovation research group, co-managing the TU Delft TPM China Cluster as well as the Scientific Coordinator of the joint TPM - Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT, China) Engineering & Policy Analysis student exchange and double degree master programme. He is a part-time Contract Professor at HIT and a Honorary Professor at Beijing Information Science & Technology University.

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“The Tao of Responsible Innovation” is his main research project, with participation of various Chinese visiting PhD students. It comprises social-ethical research into Port Planning for the new Maritime Silk Road development programme initiated by the Chinese Government, focussed on moral and cultural values.

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Master Engineering & Policy Analysis:

  • EPA1132 Technology Development & Impact Assessment
  • EPA1132 Technology Development & Impact Assessment online
  • EPA2542 Management of Large Technological Projects (Harbin Institute of Technology)
  • EPA2590 Preparation Master Thesis (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Minor International Entrepreneurship & Development:

  • WM0942TU Development, Sustainability & Culture
  • WM0927TU Intercultural Internship

Other courses:

  • WM0903TU Technology & Global Development
  • Master Thesis projects
  • Towards low carbon based economic development: Shanghai as a C40 city. Science of The Total Environment 576 (2017): 538-548 (with Z. Li, M.J. Galeano Galván & Z. Qi)
  • What makes renewable energy successful in China? The case of the Shandong province solar water heater innovation system. Energy Policy 86 (2015): 684-696 (with S. Goess & M. de Jong)
  • Under the wings of the Great Garuda: responsible port innovation in the Jakarta Bay area. WIT Transactions on The Built Environment 148 (2015): 51-62 (with B.A. Priyambodho & C. Qin)
  • Responsible Port Innovation in China: The Case of the Yangshan Port Extension Project. International Journal of Critical Infrastructures 11 (2015) 4: 297-315 (with L. Song)
  • Responsible Innovation in Port Development: the Rotterdam Maasvlakte 2 and the Dalian Dayao Bay Extension Projects. Water Science & Technology 72 (2015) 5: 665-677 (with Yi Liu & Ping Yan)
  •  Responsible innovation and stakeholder management in infrastructures: The Nansha Port Railway Project. Ocean & Coastal Management 100 (2014) 1-9 (with J. He & C. Chen)
  • Responsible Resource Management: The Predicament and Reform Path for Chinese Wetland Conservation. Journal of Wetlands Ecology and Management, published online 14 March 2014 (with D. Zheng, J. Mi & F. Qiu)
  • Facing global water problems: The legacy of Yu the Great. WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment 172 (2013): 113-124

More publications

International positions:

  • Contract professor Harbin Institute of Technology*
  • Honorary Professor Beijing Information Science  & Technology University*
  • Member International Scientific Advisory Committee, International Conference on Coastal Cities and their Sustainable Future, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, 2014-
  • Member International Scientific Advisory Committee, International Conference on Marine Technology, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, 2014-
  • Irrigation Revisited: An Anthology of Indonesian-Dutch Cooperation 1965-2014. Delft: Eburon, 2016 (with J. Kop & K. Kop)
  • For Profit and Prosperity: The Contribution made by Dutch Engineers to Public Works in Indonesia, 1800-2000. Zaltbommel/Leiden: Aprilis/KITLV Press 2008 (with J. Kop)
  • Appropriate Technology in Industrialized Countries. Delft: Delft University Press 1989 (with W. Riedijk & J. Boes)


  • Tapak Tilas Irigasi: Bunga Rampai Kerja Sama Indonesia-Belanda 1965-2014 (with J. Kop & K. Kop)  
  • Engineering the Dutch Empire: Irrigation and the Colonial State in Java 1832 – 1942

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Dr. W. Ravesteijn


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