A. (Ali) Dizani


I am an external PhD candidate from Iran. I have started in the section in January 2019, with Ibo and Behnam as my supervisors.


  • Developing a theoretical framework for analysing national engineering ethics
  •  Institutional analysis and development for implementation of national engineering ethics
  • Dizani, A. (2012). Engineering Ethics Teaching: Clergyman or Engineer?. Panjareh, 3(12), 14-15. (In Persian)
  • Dizani, A. (2017). Is Engineering Ethics Beneficial to Construction Engineering Profession?. Panjareh, 7(24), 54-57. (In Persian)
  • Dizani, A.(2017). The importance of Engineering Ethics: An Interview. Panjareh, 7(24), 36-37.(in Persian)
  • Visiting Lecturer at Amirkabir University of Technology
  • Registered professional engineer, licensed to design and supervise buildings from the Iran’s Ministry of Road and Urban Development, grade one
  • Senior member of Iran’s Construction Engineering Organization, Qom province
  1. Three talk programs about engineering ethics, Goftegoo Radio (2018)
  2. Several Interviews with SAMA News Agency (SAMAIR.IR) published under the title of:
    • The need for ethical analysis of the building control regulations of Iran. (22 November 2017)
    • Professional Codes of Conduct should not be Determined by the Government. (9 February 2016)
    • The immoral engineering laws must be modified. (6 September 2015)
    • Humanities can be a solution to some engineering problems. (17 September 2015)
    • Engineering Ethics: a brand for engineers (7 July 2015)

Ali Dizani

PhD Candidate

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Design for Values
Engineering Ethics
Applied Ethics
Professional Ethics
Islamic Ethics / law
Structural Engineering

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