Bart Accou


As a civil engineer, Bart started his career at the Belgian railways (SNCB) in 1993, with the construction of the Eurostar terminal in the Brussels-Midi station. In 1994 he joined SNCB’s internal audit team where he reported to the CEO and the Board on procurement and other operational processes. From 2005 on he was responsible for the team that was auditing the safety management systems of both Infrabel (the Belgian infrastructure manager) and SNCB.

Bart joined the European Railway Agency in September 2008, where he firstly developed a system for classifying railway accident causes and guidance for writing accident investigation reports. In October 2009 he became head of the safety certification sector, in charge of the harmonisation of the activities of National Safety Authorities and National Investigating Bodies, running their European network and developing an assessment scheme for monitoring their activities.

Since June 2013 Bart is Head of Methods & Safety for Infrabel, the Belgian Infrastructure Manager, where he is developing and implementing an integrated risk management system.

Bart’s research is focused on auditing and investigating risk and safety management systems at all levels in an organisation or even the wider regulatory framework, trying to find an answer to the following question:

Is it possible to describe a set of generic requirements, relevant for safety related processes, that is applicable at all levels of hierarchical control and can be used for the structured auditing and investigation of all relevant aspects of a safety management system and if so, how would this set of requirements or “safety fractal” look like?”

Bart Accou

PhD Candidate

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