B.L. (Barbara) van Veen


Barbara van Veen MA is futurist and founder of Contexts –Business Horizons. She's passionate about qualitative scenario building, because scenarios hold the promise of better futures and bear witness to man's curiosity, inventiveness and perseverance. She is a public speaker and published author in international trade journals. She’s a member of the World Future Society and the Society for Judgment and Decision Making. She’s also researching her Ph.D. on managerial assessments of future disruption.


The trouble of the future is that it holds uncertain challenges to the survival of companies. The recognition of weak signals, the early, non-salient indicators of disruption, is vital to the sustained growth of firms, and will become even more so as technological change speeds up. Hence, the aim of the research is to investigate the weak signal assessment process in order to improve environmental scanning and strategic assessments within management teams.

Barbara van Veen

PhD Candidate

Values, Technology and Innovation

Economics of Technology and Innovation

Research interests:
Management of responsible innovation