Ing. L.H.M. (Louis) Cleef


Ing. Louis Cleef is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. Cleef is Fire Safety Manager at ROCKWOOL, and a member of various comittees and boards in the field of fire safety. Cleef holds a Bachelor degree in Construction Engineering & Business Administration from Avans University of Applied Sciences (Tilburg).

The vast majority of activities during my career have focused on fire safety, which has enabled me to develop a strong focus on this area. In recent years medium and large fires have caused a lot of social damage, which in my opinion and current knowledge could have been prevented in a large number of cases if the correct substantiation had been available. The economic and social consequences of these fires are hugely underestimated!

With this PhD research I want to ensure that my knowledge and that of experts in my network are bundled so that a good foundation is laid for a solid scientific approach with the aim to increase awareness.

For this reason my research will focus on developing a fire safety economics decision-making roadmap to complement insights gained from fire safety engineering calculations with insights from fire safety economic calculations. The general research question is the following: “How can a roadmap be scientifically developed such that economic information becomes part of the fire prevention decision-making process? The Roadmap will lead to optimized decision-making with much more focus for sustainable solutions with respect to fire prevention. It also will act as an inspiration for product development and innovation. A new business model will be developed that will lead to sustainable and smart fire prevention.

After completing this research, I would like to make a social contribution and make young people enthusiastic about the science behind fire safety. Substantiating that taking control measures pays off in many cases will then become the usual practice!

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