Ir. F.E. (Folkert) van Delden, MBA


After finishing his master degree at Shell in Industrial Engineering in 1997, Ir. Folkert van Delden MBA worked in IT, management and innovation, employed successively by Proctor & Gamble, a small consulting firm and the Dutch police. He worked as researcher, project manager, team manager, information analist, senior consultant and senior software architect.

Applying a multidisciplinary approach to real life problems, Folkert manages to get to the core of complex problems, in order to develop elegant solutions that deliver significant and sustainable value to its users. Cooperation with domain matter experts as well as engineers and (commercial) suppliers is key in his approach.
Next to developing solutions, he has many years of experience of implementing them and communicating with both experts as well as relatively ignorant stakeholders. His projects cover areas as diverse as logistic chain optimisation, estimation of well drilling duration, national and EU grant administration, IT services cost price modelling, software architecture, finance, public order and safety and criminal investigations.

In 2009, Folkert finished his Master of Business Administration at TiasNimbas, graduating with merit.
As of 2011 he was involved in innovation and replacement of the software landscape at the Dutch police, possibly the largest IT project in the Netherlands during many years. As senior software architect he was responsible for the fit between business requirements of most primary policing processes and technical design. The technological thrill went along with a continuous challenge to deal with internal and external politics and behavioural aspects triggered by the innovative architecture, concurrent reorganisations and introduction of agile working. Several modules based on this architecture have been realized and are being used by police officers, leading to dismissal of several old applications. Currently over a 100 people work according to this architecture.


My research focusses on the application of artificial intelligence by the police. Several aspects are in scope: how to incorporate knowledge and experience of police officers in models, and how to extract and communicate results of inherently incomprehensible models to the officers without special IT skills? What measures during development, introduction and application of AI technology can improve acceptance and effectivity of use by them?

I do not teach (yet), but am interested in developing this skill!

My writing so far consists of commercial or otherwise proprietary products, that I am not allowed to share.

I am happily married and (as much happy!) father of two teenagers.

Folkert van Delden

PhD Candidate

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Values, Technology and Innovation

Safety & Security Science

Astrid Pinzger-van Staalduinen

Research interests:
Responsible risk management

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