S. (Shuaiqi) Yuan


Shuaiqi Yuan is a Ph.D. candidate in Safety and Security Science Group under the supervision of Prof. dr. ir. Genserik Reniers, with a research focus on chemical industry safety and security. He received his Master of Engineering (ME) in Safety Engineering from China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing (CUMTB) in June 2020.


Shuaiqi has been working on some researches related to process safety and urban safety, particular in the CFD simulation and risk assessment of industrial accidents. The main objective of his PhD research is to develop a risk assessment approach with the combination of CFD and machine learning for the decision-making on multi-accidents in the chemical industry.

  • Shuaiqi Yuan, Jiansong Wu, Xiaole Zhang, Wenyu Liu. EnKF-based estimation of natural gas release and dispersion in an underground tunnel. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 2019; 62:103931.
  • Jiansong Wu, Shuaiqi Yuan, Can Zhang, Xiaole Zhang. Numerical estimation of gas release and dispersion in coal mine using Ensemble Kalman Filter. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 2018; 56:57-67.
  • Jiansong Wu, Zhe Liu, Shuaiqi Yuan, Jitao Cai, Xiaofeng Hu. Source term estimation of natural gas leakage in utility tunnel by combining CFD and Bayesian inference method. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 2020; 68:104328.
  • Jiansong Wu, Weipeng Fang, Xing Tong, Shuaiqi Yuan, Weiqi Guo. Bayesian analysis of school bus accidents: a case study of China. Natural Hazards 2018; 95(3):463-483.

Shuaiqi Yuan

PhD Candidate

Values, Technology and Innovation

Safety and Security Science

Research interests:
Responsible risk management

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