Y. (Yan) Teng


Yan Teng has a background in Philosophy (BA) and Ethics (MA). Her master thesis addresses key ethical issues emerged from nanotechnology, particularly concerning potential risks and uncertainties posed to practitioners in relevant working places. By incorporating Rawls’ justice principles as the moral foundation in the new context, the thesis clarifies the historical shift of values underlying labour rights protection.


Yan’s current research centres around trust issues in the context of technology, particularly in domains of blockchain technology and social credit systems. With the aim of approaching “design for trust” by exploring theoretical foundations and practical implications of technology trust, her research mainly addresses the viability of the “trust in technology” concept, different mechanisms enabling trust and trustworthiness, and the moral discussion about being trustworthy technologies.

Yan Teng

PhD candidate

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Design for Values
Ethics of technology
Philosophy of trust
Trust in technology
Ethics of blockchain
Social Credit System

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