Dr. H.M. (Herman) Veluwenkamp


Herman is a postdoctoral researcher working on the AITech project. AiTech is TU Delft’s multidisciplinary research program on awareness, concepts, and design & engineering of autonomous technology under meaningful human control. Herman did his PhD at the University of Groningen and has published on metaethics, belief revision and non-monotonic logic. Before he started his career in philosophy, he obtained a BSc. in Computer Science and worked in IT as software engineer and project manager for several years.


Herman’s current research focuses on (technological and social) responsibility gaps, meaningful human control and the metaethics of value learning.

Course coordinator for the following courses:


  • Ethics of AI
  • Current Issues in Ethics and Politics (with Charlotte Knowles)
  • Ethics: an introduction
  • Good & Evil
  • Ethics


  • Current Issues in Ethics and Politics (with Justin Bruner)
  • Ethics: an introduction


  • Actuele Vragen (with Boudewijn de Bruin)

  • Ethics: an introduction


  • Ethics: an introduction
  • The ethics and governance of algorithmic decision making (University of Bayreuth; with Marco Meyer and Carsten Jung)
  • Reasoning Biases, Non-Monotonic Logics and Belief Revision. Theoria, 83: 29–52, 2017 (with C. Dutilh Novaes).
  • Parfit’s and Scanlon’s non-metaphysical moral realism as alethic pluralism, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 20(4), 751-76, 2017.

Herman Veluwenkamp


Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Meaningful human control
Value learning
Responsibility gaps

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