Dr. S.N.R. (Stefan) Buijsman


I studied computer science and philosophy in Leiden and completed my PhD on the philosophy of mathematics at Stockholm University when I was 20. I then conducted research on the intersection of philosophy of mathematics and cognitive science at SU and IFFS. Aside from research, I engaged in popular science writing, with now three books to my name. The most recent is on AI and its links to philosophy, which brings me to Delft.


My research focusses on the explainability of AI algorithms, and more generally on how we can design AI such that it can be used responsibly and beneficially. This includes work on fairness and transparency. I’m interested in combining work from philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science and artificial intelligence, primarily to further our theoretical understanding of AI.

  • Buijsman, S. (forthcoming). How do we semantically individuate natural numbers?. Philosophia Mathematica.
  • Buijsman, S. (2021). Acquiring mathematical concepts: The viability of hypothesis testing. Mind & Language 36 (1): 48-61.
  • Buijsman, S. (2019). Learning the natural numbers as a child. Noûs 53 (1): 3-22.
  • Buijsman, S., & Tirado, C. (2019). Spatial-numerical associations: shared symbolic and non-symbolic numerical representations. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 72 (10): 2423-2436.
  • At the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm, Sweden, I am research lead on a Vetenskapsrådet project studying the relevance of empirical studies on number acquisition for the philosophy of mathematics
  • AI: Alsmaar Intelligenter. (2020). De Bezige Bij.
    Popular science book explaining AI to a wide audience, arguing that its promise and dangers are in our hands.
  • Plussen en Minnen: wiskunde en de wereld om ons heen. (2018). De Bezige Bij.
    Popular science book on why mathematics is relevant to all of us. Also available in English (Penguin), German (Beck), French (Vuibert), and around 15 other languages.
  • Het Rekenrijk: de wondere wereld van de wiskunde. (2018).
    A children’s book making mathematics more accessible.

Stefan Buijsman

Post-doctoral Researcher

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Design for values
Management of responsible innovation
Explainable AI
Algorithmic Fairness
Philosophy of Mathematics

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