Dr. P.H.M.P. (Peter) Roelofsma


Peter is a cognitive psychologist who previously worked at the Free University (VU) Amsterdam and the Leeds University Business School. He joined the Center for Safety in Health Care in 2018. He is specialised in human decision making, cognitive and organisational ergonomics and naturalistic artificial intelligence.


His summarised focus of research is

  • Human Judgement and Decision Making & Decision support tools
  • Naturalistic Artificial Intelligence - Ambient assisted living
  • Network oriented modelling, such as of behavioural interactions
  • Freedom in a frame, contextual reasoning
  • Health System Management
  • Management of Safety, Health and Environment
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Peter H.M.P. Roelofsma

Senior Researcher

Values, Technology and Innovation

Safety and Security Science

Astrid Pinzger -van Staalduinen

Research interests: 
Design for values
Management of responsible innovation
Responsible risk management
Research methods & statistics
Safety in Marine and Aeronautical systems
Judgement and Decision Making

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