F. (Fakhra) Jabeen


My PhD is in Artificial Intelligence, and I studied different human behaviors using computational modeling. My main area of study was negative behaviors: i.e., aggression and narcissism while focusing on social media. Other than mathematical analysis, I used machine learning and data analytics to validate the designed models. By the model validation, I was also able to explain the deviations of the predicted behaviors. Moreover, I used predictive techniques to predict these behaviors on social media. I also tried to see the effects of providing support by setting an experiment to see how a chatbot can regulate the behaviors of people facing anger or anxiety.

I am open to talking about my learning experiences, and I look forward to excelling more and collaborating with other researchers.


My main area of research is the safety culture in hospitals. I would be mainly working with organizational learning in moving towards a ‘just culture’. We are designing an artificially intelligent coach that would be able to interact with users and will try to guide an organization in a suggestive manner to change the behaviors of individuals within an organization.

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Fakhra Jabeen

Postdoc Researcher

Values, Technology and Innovation

Safety and Security Science

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Research interests
Design for values
Management of responsible innovation
Modeling Human Behaviors or causal behaviors
Just Culture
Safety Culture in a hospital environment

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