Electives TiSD 2011-2012

This is the list of the electives that were valid during the academic year 2011-2012.  

Cluster A - Design, analysis and tools

A/EI-00 Environmental Issues (2 ECTS)

AE3W02TU Introduction to Wind Energy (3 ECTS)

AE4T40 Kite, Smart Kites, Control and Energy Production (3 ECTS)

AE4W09 Wind Turbine Design (3 ECTS)

AE4W10 Wind Turbine Design (2 ECTS)

AE4W20 Windpower (3 ECTS) 

AES1470 Geothermics (2 ECTS)

AP3141 D Environmental Physics (6 ECTS)

AR0072 Solar Decathlon / Architectural Design Studio (12 ECTS)

AR0084 Sustainable Design, Time Based (TIDO) (10 ECTS)

AR0102 Research & Design, workshop (3 ECTS) *)

AR0190 Sustainable urban development / Stedelijke Duurzaamheid  (2 ECTS)

AR0531 Smart & BioClimatic Design (6 ECTS)

AR0532 Smart & Bioclimatic Design Theory ( 3 ECTS)

AR0891 Smart Architecture (7 ECTS) *)

*) Depending on the subject of the workshop the credits will be assigned to a category.

AR1U130 Sustainable Urban Engineering of Territory (4 ECTS)

AR2AE035-D4 Building Design & Engineering / Climate Design (3 ECTS)

AR2AE045-D2 Building Design & engineering Seminars / Energy-Neutral Design (2 ECTS)

AR2A015 Delft Lectures on Architectural Sustainablility  (3 ECTS)

AR3B320 Green Building Innovation (5 ECTS)

CT3360 Subsurface Management  (4 ECTS)

CT3420 Sanitary Engineering (4 ECTS)

CIE4100 Materials and ecological engineering (4 ECTS)

CIE4450 Integrated Water Management (4 ECTS)

CIE5304 Waterpower Engineering (3 ECTS)

CIE5420 Public Hygiene and Epidemiology (3 ECTS)

CIE5460 Ecology in Water Management (3 ECTS)

CT5531 Waste Water Treatment 2 (4 ECTS)

CIE5560 Civil Engineering in Developing Countries (4 ECTS)

CIE5720 Environmental Impact Assessment (3 ECTS)

ET4149 Solar Cells (4 ECTS)

ID4175 Advanced Embodiment Design (2 ECTS)

ID5356 Sustainable Design Strategies for Product (3 ECTS)

ID5561 Product-Service Systems (3 ECTS)

ID5600SET Smart Energy Products (4 ECTS)

IE4210 Design of Sustainable Technological Systems (6 ECTS)

IO3835 Sustainable Mobility and Vehicle Design (3 ECTS)

ME1400 Sustainability in Transportation Engineering (3 ECTS)

OE5662 Offshore Wind Farm Design (1 ECTS)

SPM4330IE Renewable Energy Systems (6 ECTS)

SPM4340IE Urban Environment and Infrastructures (6 ECTS)

SPM4830IE Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems (3 ECTS)

SPM4840IE Sustainability in the Built Environment (3 ECTS)

SPM9401 Design and control of transport systems (6 ECTS)

SPM9448/9445 Methods for risk analysis and management (5 ECTS)

SPM9447 Design of safety and security systems (6 ECTS)

SPM9506 Fuel Cells (3 ECTS)

SPM9750 Environmental Sustainability in the Built Environment (4 ECTS)

WB4438 Technology and Sustainability  (3 ECTS)

WB5431-05 Life Cycle Engineering (3 ECTS)

WM0804TU Project Safety Science (6 ECTS)

Cluster B - Organisation and society

AR0083/AR0085 Sustainable Development Programme (TIDO) (3 ECTS)

AR0084 Sustainable Design, Time Based (TIDO) (2 ECTS)

AR0891 Smart Architecture (7 ECTS) *)

*) Depending on the subject of the workshop the credits will be assigned to a category.

CIE5720 Environmental Impact Assessment  (4 ECTS)

EPA1132 Technology Development and Impact Assessment (5 ECTS)

EPA1322 Continuous Systems Modeling (5 ECTS)

EPA1423 Decision making in networks (3 ECTS)

EPA2240 Technology dynamics (4 ECTS)

ID4050 Internationalisation (3 ECTS)

ID4185 Strategic & Sustainable Design (3 ECTS)

ID4125 Life Cycle Engineering and Design (3 ECTS)

MOT1411 Technology Dynamics (2 ECTS)

OE5662 Offshore Wind Farm Design (1 ECTS)

SPM4110 Designing Multi-actor Systems (1 ECTS)

SPM4810IE Social Systems / Policy and Management (6 ECTS)

SPM4820IE Sustainable Innovation and Social Change (ECTS)

WM0353TU Climate Ethics (3 ECTS)

WM0615TU Milieu economie   (4 ECTS)

WM0801TU Introduction to Safety Science (3 ECTS)

WM0903TU Technology and Global Development (4 ECTS)

WM0909TU Technology Assessment: Technology, Society, Sustainability (3 ECTS)

WM0906TA Special Topics in Geosciences and Sustainable Development (3 ECTS)

WM0930SET System Innovation and Strategic Niche Management (3 ECTS)

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