Our research

Today’s world is facing grand challenges in the fields of energy, sustainability, mobility and security. Grand challenges need grand innovations. At the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management we combine insights from the engineering sciences with insights from the humanities and the social sciences. Our mission is to develop robust models and designs in order to solve the complex challenges of today’s networked, urbanized knowledge society. Our three closely collaborating departments address these societal challenges each with a different perspective: systems, governance and values. The smart combination of these three perspectives is at the core of Comprehensive Engineering.

Our values

In our faculty we consider collaboration with colleagues and peers a fundamental building block towards quality and success. Creativity and academic entrepreneurship are at the core of our Faculty. We perform our research and education in a transparent and scientifically rigorous, and ethically sound way. Our research and education impact society. Our colleagues are passionate about their work and are determined to realize their ambitions. Within TPM we respect different cultures, backgrounds, preferences and personal lives, and we respect a healthy work-life balance.

Department of Multi Actor Systems

The department of Multi Actor Systems focuses on the governance dimension of Comprehensive Engineering. When it comes to solving complex technological problems, there are always many actors involved with conflicting interests. Our models help decision makers make high-impact decisions and draft appropriate policies.

Department of Values, Technology and Innovation

The department of Values, Technology and Innovation focuses on the value dimension of comprehensive engineering. We develop approaches for responsible innovation and value-sensitive design. We also research how entrepreneurs can embed responsible innovation in their business models. And finally we focus on safety and security, for example in high-risk industries, and give advice on risk management strategies.

Department of Engineering Systems and Services

The department of Engineering Systems and Services contributes to Comprehensive Engineering from a systems integration perspective. In today’s interconnected world, energy, mobility and ICT services continuously converge into complex engineering systems. Our department analyzes , models and shapes these systems, using cutting-edge tools such as Agent Based Modelling and Simulation, Choice Behavior Modeling , IT architecting and policy analytics.

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