At TPM, our research is focussed at the intersection of complex societal challenges. We work in a collaborative and transdisciplinary manner.

In the network illustrated below, we show how research at TPM is clustered and connected. We work with AI to tackle diverse challenges across domains (e.g. mobility, water, health, energy, infrastructure, to name a few) and research AI to address the challenges of bias and misuse of data. The coloured clusters are a combination of multiple topics that have seen strong collaborations within TPM among its researchers. The links between the clusters also show collaborations, albeit with multiple opportunities to strengthen them. Each cluster also naturally brings out a theme of research. The image is a testament to the multidisciplinary research that we conduct at TPM, showing multiple connected research clusters naturally emerging out of our work.

In the future, we are developing a dynamic search tool that will help you find researchers from TPM working on a specific domain or method, or at the intersection of the two. The tool will also allow you to add keywords related to your work and show where your research fits within the body of TPM knowledge. Through this interaction you will be able to find avenues for future collaborations.

Do you have an idea for a collaboration or want to explore it together, please connect with the Lab manager. We are there to brainstorm with you and lead you in the right direction.

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