Ans is the standard assessment tool for the entire TU Delft (click here for an overview of assessment tools.)

Two Ans courses: which is for which?

Two Ans courses can be created for each course in the study guide.

When to use Ans

It can be used for the following assessments:

We advise not to add any exam related material (see assessment points 1, 2, 4 above) to your Ans “BRIGHTSPACE” course. This is because, anyone who has access to your Brightspace course will automatically have access to your Ans BRIGHTSPACE course if it is linked through Brightspace. This means that all academic staff with (instructor) access to your Brightspace course and TAs with faculty access to Brightspace (e.g. TAs at TPM, Teaching Support (student) Assistants) will be able to access your Ans course in an “instructor” role.

For didactic information on how to use Ans, please visit our webpage How to use Ans. For more technical information on Ans and how it is used at TU Delft, please select one of the two tiles below.