Use Rubrics

It is recommended to use grading rubrics when you are not using objective test items to test your students’ progress.

Objective testing is a form of assessment where there are definite right and wrong answers. These can be graded by a computer using multiple choice questions, true/false etc.

Using rubrics standardizes grading, making results more fair and reliable. Although it does take some time to set up rubrics for your course, you will save much more time in the long-run on grading and providing feedback on student performance, and you can re-use your rubrics for as long as they are relevant to your assessments. For more information on rubrics go to this page.

In order to use Rubrics, they will need to be linked to an activity such as an Assignment, Discussion board, etc.

Update: rubrics grading experience is available for group assignments and discussions. Also, rubric scores will be transferred to grade items automatically.

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