Use Assignments: Observed in person

This form of assignment in Brightspace is meant for scoring and evaluation of a learning activity such as demonstration, presentation, lab test, etc.
No files will be uploaded by the student for an Observed-in-Person assignment.

Observed-in-person assignments can also be added to Content. Students will then only see the description of the assignment and won’t be able to upload any materials.

The Observed-in-Person assignment folder is only accessible to an instructor or a similar role unless the option Manually by Learner is used.

There are 3 options to mark an Observed in Person assignment:

  1. Automatically on due date.
    Brightspace marks the assignment as completed on a set date.
  2. Automatically on evaluation.
    After the learning activity, the instructor opens the Observed in Person Assignment in the course, adds a grade and optionally adds feedback text. After the grade and feedback are added, Brightspace marks the assignment as Completed.
  3. Manually by Learner.
    The student will have to find the assignment in Assignments in the course menu and press Mark as complete.