Create Discussion forums

You can have your students communicate with each other through a discussion forum. This is especially useful for discussing topics in large classes where you want to give everyone a chance to contribute to the discussion. It is also recommended to use the discussion board to answer student questions in preparation for an assessment – this way, you can start with the questions asked most often and quickly work your way through the rest.

You can have the entire class use one discussion forum, or divide the students into groups and have each of the groups discuss their topic together.

Although it is expected of your students to keep to the topic and to act cordially online, there is always the potential of someone diverging from the topic, or of a disagreement getting out of hand.

For this reason it is a good idea to give your students some guidelines (netiquette rules) when allowing them to post content that will be shared with your entire class. You also have the option to moderate discussions in Brightspace, in a sense, proofreading the content before it is shared with the group.