Collegerama is a TU Delft on-campus video service provided by the NewMedia Centre. It allows you to record your lecture series and publish these online. During a recording, the lecturer and his/her presentation material will both be recorded simultaneously. In online playback, a special video player shows both video sources synchronous. The user can then choose which source he/she wants to enlarge.

If you wish to have a lecture (series) recorded using Collegerama, you can make your request through the Collegerama website.

You can add Collegerama videos to your course in Brightspace.

Due to a security update to TU Delft’s infrastructure on the 17th of July, it is no longer possible to login to Collegerama via iFrame. Because of this Collegerama videos that are embedded in Brightspace via iFrame cannot be viewed unless you have logged into Collegerama directly in a second tab, or if the videos are publicly available. It is therefore recommended to share Collegerama videos in Brightspace via direct URL, or make your Collegerama videos publicly available before embedding them in Brightspace.