Möbius Exercises

Ans has won the digital assessment tender and will be TUDelfts’ assessment system for all basic assessments the coming years. The implementation project team will organise the copy of questions from Möbius to Ans which is planned at the end of 2022. Most question types will be copied automatically and some manually. For specific Möbius question types and functionalities, options will be investigated. Möbius will remain available in Q1 and Q2 for formative and summative testing. We advise lecturers who for the first time in their course create a digital open-book exam or paper-based exam (either closed-book or open-book) to already create these in Ans. Closed–book digital Ans exams cannot yet be administered in the secure digital exam environment (on TU Delft computers) due to technical issues. As soon as this is fixed, this message will be updated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. For more information, please also visit the Intranet page for the Ans implementation.

This page elaborates on creating exercises and using Möbius for formative testing. For more information about summative testing using Möbius, please follow this link.

Setting up Möbius for exercises (formative testing)