OpenCourseWare (OCW)

OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a free and open digital platform for publishing and presenting high quality university‐level educational materials. All courses are required to adhere to Creative Commons conditions.

Since 2007, the TU Delft publishes educational materials as OpenCourseWare: teaching resources are available in this page, organized as a full course. Because the lecture slides, collegerama recording, literature and assignments are publicly available, anyone within and outside the TU Delft can, to a certain extent, take the course online. However, OpenCourseWare does not offer guidance or interactions with instructors, no certificate or diploma, and no right of access to the university.

Getting started

Instructors of the TU Delft can publish their teaching material as OpenCourseWare. To do so, please contact the TU Delft OpenCourseWare team.

For more information, visit this page.