Secure digital testing environment

Examinations are taken under supervision to prevent fraud. The same applies to digital exams, but the use of a computer introduces many additional possibilities to commit fraud. That is why a secure environment has been built in which digital testing (exams and computer assignments) can be offered.

Digital exams and computer assignments can only be taken with fixed PCs (not laptops, tablets). Many locations are currently available, the largest being the Drebbelweg room 1 (320 PCs). In addition, smaller computer rooms are available at various faculties. The amount of PCs listed is at exam capacity. The list of smaller computer rooms is as follows:

Civil Engineering and Geosciences:
CT-PC 0.070 (23 PC’s)
CT-PC 0.20 (120 PC’s)
CT-PC 4.98 (20 PC’s)
CT-PC 4.99 (20 PC’s)

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science:
DW-PC 2 (200BG) (48 PC’s)
DW-PC 3 (010 1verd) (18 PC’s)
DW-PC 4 (060 1verd) (21 PC’s)
DW-TZ 1 (320 PC’s)

Aerospace Engineering:
FelS-Studio Classroom 1 (76 PC’s)
FelS-Studio Classroom 2 (80 PC’s)
LR-PC 007 (48 PC’s)

Industrial Design:
IO-PC hall 1 (ENTER) (76 PC’s)
IO-PC hall 2 (CTRL) (76 PC’s)
IO-PC hall 3 (SHIFT) (76 PC’s)
IO-Zebra 1 (45 PC’s)
IO-Zebra 2 (28 PC’s)
IO-Zebra 3 (26 PC’s)

Technology, Policy & Management:
TBM-PC B (72 PC’s)

Getting started:

If you would like to test in this secure environment, please contact the digital exams coordinator at the beginning of the education period to discuss the possibilities.