TurningPoint (PointSolutions) is a system that allows students to participate actively in class, by giving responses to polls. This system, by Turning Technologies, fully integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and allows students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses on any device with an internet connection using this website.

To use TurningPoint you will need to log in using your account details and create a session. Students can then use their smartphones to join the session using the session ID you provide them.

This page covers the steps for setting up and using TurningPoint 8, including a tutorial on how to create a simple interactive PowerPoint presentation and a troubleshooting section with the most frequently encountered issues.

The following guideline is based on TurningPoint 8 installed on a Windows operating system.

Setting Up TurningPoint 8

For efficient use of TurningPoint, certain settings are preferred. This section describes TurningPoint requests, installation, user login and software preferences. Furthermore, an explanation is presented on how students can access the polling session of a TurningPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Tutorial

The next titles will guide you through the different steps when opening and creating interactive PowerPoint presentations.