Why is the PowerPoint polling widget disabled in the polling dashboard and how can I enable it?

A1: The reason behind this is still unclear, but presumably has to do with correctly enabling the TurningPoint Add-in in the PowerPoint application. There are thus several things you can try to enable the widget:

  1. Make sure that the TurningPoint plugin is activated.
    1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and go to File > Options Add-ins. Here you should see that the TurningPoint plugin is inactive. 
    1. Under Manage, select COM Add-ins and click Go…
    2. In the new COM Add-ins window, checkmark TurningPoint and click OK. This will automatically relaunch the TurningPoint application. Sign in with your login credentials and verify if the PowerPoint widget is now enabled.
  1. If step 1 does not work, try re-installing the TurningPoint application.