Troubleshoot item

I think information was copied from a specific source, but it does not show in Ouriginal. What should I do?

It is possible that the source is not available in Ouriginal, and therefore has not been included in the report. You can add the source by:

  1. Submitting the URL to Ouriginal via the link in the plagiarism report under the Sources-tab.
    1. In the Analysis Overview click on View the entire document.
  1. b. Under Are you missing a source from the list?, Fill the URL of the source and click on Send.
  2. c. It will take approximately a week before the URL is indexed; after that, the document can be resubmitted for an up-to-date plagiarism scan.
  4. Uploading the suspected source document to an assignment you’ve created for it and running a similarity report.

This will not change the plagiarism score for the original file. To change the original submission’s score, you will need to delete it and resubmit after the suspected source document has been uploaded.