UTQ Mentorship

The UTQ is an important step in your development as a TU Delft lecturer. To get the most out of this process, every lecturer starting the UTQ is supported throughout the trajectory by a mentor from the UTQ team.

Your mentor offers you guidance, educational advice and support which is personalised to your needs. You can discuss UTQ questions, personal (learning) goals, planning and challenges you may encounter along the way. It is important to know that all information shared with your mentor will be kept confidential.

The mentorship programme has been experienced very positively by lecturers and the UTQ team alike. For you as a lecturer, you have a go-to person from the start for practical UTQ questions and (personal) guidance. This leads to more clarity on expectations and less need to contact the UTQ administration with queries. The largest gain for the UTQ team is a better connection with you as lecturers, and insight into your various work and experiences. This knowledge translates back into improvements to the UTQ modules and trajectory.

Your mentor will contact you at the start of your UTQ trajectory: 

  • After registration and preferably before the start of your first module your mentor will contact you and invite you for a first meeting.
  • You can discuss personal learning objectives, planning, an overview of the UTQ, your Final Assessment, preparation for your first session and of course any questions that you have.

Your mentor is always available between meetings for questions via email.

Mentorship Programme Design

Time period: During the UTQ trajectory, from 1 to 3 years
Meetings: 3 to 5 meetings of around 30 minutes 


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