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The TU Delft Teaching Academy is the community of teachers and teaching staff. With the Teaching Academy we bring education development activities together under one roof, accelerate initiatives and strengthen collaborations with others. Because at TU Delft, we approach education like we approach research: experiment and share findings.

The Teaching Academy offers a variety of services and programs to help teachers. It will have its own home in our new Teaching Lab, with spaces for experimentation, collaboration and exposure.


TU Delft lecturer Calvin Rans the best teacher in the Netherlands

Calvin Rans, assistant professor in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Best Lecturer of TU Delft 2018, has now been voted the best teacher in the Netherlands. The jury praised Rans for his ability to inspire his students and for his continual efforts to improve his lectures. Read more 

TU Delft lecturer Calvin Rans nominated for national award ‘Best Lecturer in 2019’

Dr. Calvin Rans, lecturer at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Best TU Delft Lecturer in 2018, has reached the final round in the national ‘Best Lecturer in 2019’ contest. The event will take place on April 13th in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs. Read more

New conferencing tool for online career conversations (Webex)

Your teaching Lab offers a wide range of educational experiments. One of the rooms includes the Webex video conferencing tool, a temporary pilot project between Cisco and TU Delft. Since the start of the Academic year, the Career Centre is experimenting with this video conferencing tool. Read more here or see our page 'Rooms for innovation' 

Hi-Five for online education!

Did you know that about 250 teachers are involved in online education at TU Delft? Thanks to their enthusiasm, efforts and dedication – supported by learning developers, and marketing and administration colleagues – our University’s achievements in O2E are internationally recognized: we have won 26 prestigious awards and are acknowledged by MIT as one of the key front-runners in online education. Read more

Have you requested a Collegerama recording for your lecture (series) yet?

Currently, the planning for Collegerama recordings in the upcoming lecture period is being done. Collegerama is a service that allows teachers to capture their classes and stream it on the web. Read more

GDPR information brochures available

The new European privacy regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), raises many questions about what you are allowed and not allowed to do with personal data. Read more

Get with the Media: a first in the Netherlands

Probably more than ever before media is all around us and we make use of it in countless ways. Our students are also high users and consumers of it, including of ‘social media’. So, what happens when teachers include media assets in their teaching? And, more importantly, why should or shouldn’t they use media in their classes? Read more

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