Teaching Academy Panel

Within the Teaching Academy …It’s all about Education!

By establishing the Teaching Academy Panel, lecturers and support staff are actively involved in aligning the Teaching Academy’s agenda with the lecturer’s needs and ambitions for the coming year.

Who is on the Panel?

The Panel consists of 16 lecturers from across all TU Delft’s faculties and educational support staff. The lecturers who act as members of the Panel, were amongst those mentioned by the commissioners for education of the study associations of our university. They stand out for their enthusiasm and inspiring ways of enabling student learning. Lecturers take part in the Panel during one year. The panel is complemented by members of the Library, Teaching and Learning Services (TLS), Education and Student Affairs (ESA) and the Teaching Academy Facilitation Team.

Meet the members of the Teaching Academy Panel 2021/2022:

Annoesjka Cabo - Academic Director Teaching Academy

Willemijn Wilms Floet - BK

Sander Mulder - IDE

Peter Wellens - 3ME

Peter Koorstra - BK

Trivik Verma  - TPM

Bahareh Abdikivanani - EEMCS

Jan Kees Blom - CEG

Jill Slinger - TPM

Stefan Hugtenburg - EEMCS

Karel van Dalen - CEG

Aurele Adam - AS

Tom Vroegrijk - EEMCS

Stefan Persaud  -  IDE

Wim Bouwman - AS

Ron Noomen - AE

Michiel de Jong - Library

Alexia Luising – TLS

Stella van der Meulen – ESA/ Study Climate

Orsi Toth – Teaching Academy Facilitation Team

Gytha Rijnbeek – Teaching Academy Facilitation Team



The Panel meets once every 6 weeks to discuss innovation and ideas, and concerns about Engineering Education at TU Delft. This will help our community to identify important topics and to find ways to enhance our education! Feel free to contact one of your colleagues if you have a question or topic you would like to bring to her/his attention. Or, send an email to teachingacademy@tudelft.nl.