Recordings: Webinars Remote Teaching & Learning

Click on the link below and get directed to the recorded webinars on Remote Teaching and Learning. Enjoy!

Webinar 87: Using Vocareum for Programming
Webinar 86: Getting a BOLD Edge Student Readiness
Webinar 85: ComproVed a Comparative Holistic Approach to Feedback
Webinar 84: Using Principles for Multimedia Learning what can we learn from each other
Webinar 83: TU Delft GameLab building simulation and games for researchers
Webinar 85: Open Discussion Sharing out from conferences
Webinar 82: Enhancing Teacher TA Collaboration Good Practices
Webinar 81: Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Collaboration
Webinar 80: Getting a BOLD Edge Student Readiness for Learning Video
Webinar 79: Methods for Introducing Urban Resilience and Climate Action Topics in STEM Education
Webinar 78: The Course with 6 Faces
Webinar 77: Lessons Learned during Covid
Webinar 76: Digital Pro Teacher Training
Webinar 75: Storytelling with Calvin Rans
Webinar 74: Open Discussion and Q and A on Remote Teaching and Learning
Webinar 73: Designing and Evaluating your course
Webinar 72: Blended Learning with Wiebe Dijkstra
Webinar 71: Creating Variety in Media Whiteboard Animations
Webinar 70: Match your Media format to your education purpose with Pim van Schöll
Webinar 69: Open Discussion on Upgrading Video
Webinar 68: Assessments in Q3 and Q4 with Lisette Harting
Webinar 67: The Need for Gamification and Open Discussion of Gamification and Serious Games
Webinar 66: Engaging and Connecting Students
Webinar 65: Creating Videos from Home
Webinar 64: OBS Studio with Bob van Vliet
Webinar 63: Teaching in a Hybrid Classroom with Atefeh Aghaee and Michael Wolfindale
Webinar 62: Open Discussion on Adding Fun and Games to Teaching
Webinar 61: Designing and Teaching in Online Formats: from learning objectives
Webinar 60: Action! Activating Live Audiences with Gijs Meeusen
Webinar 59: Open Discussion and Q&A on Remote Teaching and Learning
Webinar 58: Preparing your course in Brightspace for the new Academic Year
Webinar 57: How to Improve Communication within Intercultural Groups with Atefeh and Ubon
Webinar 56: Collaborative Knowlegde Building with Esther Tan
Webinar 55: Open Discussion on increasing student engagement with Neill Wylie and Naomi Wahls
Webinar 54: Open Discussion on 360 images with Arno Freeke
Webinar 53: Open Discussion on Intelligent Agent in Brightspace and Communication to Large Audiences
Webinar 52: Reliable Grading of Closed Ended Questions using Test Result Analysis with Lisette Harting
Webinar 51: Inclusive Education: How to improve learning experiences for those with disabilities in your classroom
Webinar 50: Basics of Intercultural Communication with Atefeh Aghaee & Ubon Schoone-Ruijs
Webinar 49: Augmented Reality and Holograms in New Media Centre and LDE Centre
Webinar 48: Open Discussion and Q&A on Remote Teaching and Learning
Webinar 47: Virtual Laboratory Courses with Olindo Isabella and Robin Vismara
Webinar 46: Assessments Q&A with Lisette Harting and Wiebe Dijkstra
Webinar 45: Calling all Super Heroes: Open Discussion on Lecturer Well-Being
Webinar 44: Connecting Students Remotely and Virtual Study Abroad Options
Webinar 43: Digital Stories: Creating my First Animation
Webinar 42: Online versus On-Campus Lecturer
Webinar 41: Open Discussion on Creating Spaces for Natural Student Interactions
Webinar 40: Q&A - Starting a New Quarter
Webinar 39: Experiences with Miro Boards
Webinar 38: Grading & Assesment
Webinar 37: Scavenger Hunt
Webinar 36: Google Art Project - Virtual Museum Tour Activity
Webinar 35: Grasple
Webinar 34: New Media Centre - Your Audio in Online Learning & Teaching
Webinar 33: Peer Feedback in an Online Setting
Webinar 32: Remote Assessment Types & Tools
Webinar 31: Q&A
Webinar 30: Lecture Showcase - What went Well
Webinar 29: Feedback Fruits
Webinar 28: Challenges in Upcoming Semester and Tool Selection
Webinar 27: Creating a Sense of Belonging to Address Student Loneliness and the Gap Year
Webinar 26: Fraud Prevention
Webinar 25: Open Discussion with Tips and Considerations for Virtual Open Book Exams
Webinar 24: How, When, and Where to give Feedback to Students
Webinar 23: Balancing Data Responsibility (privacy and security) in Remote and Online Teaching
Webinar 22: When to use YouSeeU, MS Teams Live Events and MS Teams Meetings
Webinar 21: Q&A and Möbius, the Updated and Renamed Version of Maple TA
Webinar 20: Universal Design
Webinar 19: Minecraft
Webinar 18: Flexibility by Design
Webinar 15: Dual Coding and Multimedia Learning
Webinar 13: Remote Teaching from the Lecturer's Perspective
Webinar 12: Oral Exams and Brightspace Discussions and Analytics
Webinar 11: Engaging and Connecting Students
Webinar 10: Doodling
Webinar 09: Rubrics
Webinar 05: Creating Content - Presentation Slides and Scripting