Special Interest Groups

The Teaching Academy supports TU Delft lecturers in exchanging their educational expertise through the facilitation of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to share lessons-learned and experiences on education. All TU Delft lecturers are welcome to join a SIG. Teaching Academy SIGs welcome new members throughout the year. The formation and the size of the group is never fixed. 

What is a SIG?

A SIG is a community of practice where a group of professionals (teachers) regularly meet around a shared interest.
These communities of practice are founded and formed by TU Delft lecturers and have a connection with academic teaching. A SIG focuses on a subject that is important to its members –attractive for potential new members – and relevant for the development of TU Delft education. 
During a SIG meetings, the group discusses their central topic and decides on the date/time and content for the upcoming meeting(s). Often these meetings are, for example, about: Sharing good practices, organising lectures and workshops, discussing recent publications, setting up research projects or visiting symposia.

Activating Large Audiences

Teaching Abstract Concepts

Student Motivation

Diversity and Inclusion

Personal Development Education

Coordinating Courses; Managing a Group of Teachers (Peers)

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