TU Delft Education Day 2023 | Open Up | 9 NOV

Bright Alone, Brilliant Together

The TU Delft Education Day is the event of the year to get inspired by fellow educators* from all faculties and to share experiences in education.

Step into a world where minds converge, ideas collide and education meets boundless imagination.
On 9 November, embark on a journey that challenges disciplinary boundaries, embraces educational innovation and bolsters the added value of communities. “Open Up” during this year’s Education Day, and unlock new perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Engineering. 

1) Open Up... Learning 

What do students need to be prepared for an unknown future? How can students be supported in finding their balance and in taking responsibility for their learning? How can curiosity be triggered and critical thinking be enhanced? What can students learn from each other and how can that best be supported? 

2) Open Up… Teaching

What do you need to prepare your students for an unknown future? What are your adventures in teaching? What does inclusive and integrative teaching look like? How to equip students with effective strategies to retain and apply knowledge, promoting deeper understanding and long-term retention of knowledge? What examples of inter – or transdisciplinary teaching can you share?

3) Open Up… Engineering

How can we actively reach out to society, and integrate new perspectives, methodologies and stakeholders into our future engineering education? Envision a transformative approach to engineering that fuses STEM with humanities… What new possibilities might be unlocked when blurring the boundaries between different disciplines?

* ‘Educators’ meaning everyone in TU Delft with a teaching role, from PhD to Full Professor to fulltime Teacher.

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