Education Day 2018

TU Delft Education Day 2018 – Unlock potential

Welcome on this website where you find the provisional program of the Education Day 2018.

During the Education Day 2018 we challenge you to unlock potential: unblocking student ambition, potential of diversity in classrooms and efficient & effective teaching methods.

We’re very happy to announce the first speaker for the Education Day 2018: 

Youssef El Bouhassani, national Teacher of the Year 2017, will be one of the guest speakers.

Presentations, workshop, pitches are offered by your colleagues. A wide variety of topics will be covered such as blended education for bigger groups, easy to use tips and tricks for effective and efficient teaching, maker education, (digital) grading tools and much more.

Walk in: from 12.45 PM in PULSE
Opening Education Day: 1.00 PM in PULSE
Continuation of the program: 1.45 PM in Teaching lab

Keep an eye on this website, more information will follow soon!

You can register here.

Youssef El Bouhassani

Foto Youssef

Last year Youssef won the national prize of Teacher of the Year NL for higher education because of his enthusiasm and inspiration in education. He teaches based on his vision that the role of a teacher is these days is not to fill knowledge gaps, but igniting a fire in students. In his teaching he aims to motivate students to be more curious and ambitious. During his presentation he will show examples from his own teaching practice and discuss the development of his Artificial Intelligence platform which he will use in the future for more personalised and dynamic learning experiences.




Consistent grading of assignments and projects 
– Lisette Harting
Digital Testing in Engineering Courses 
– Meta Keijzer & Erik Offerman
Diversity, a multi-perspective approach 
– Mike Kessler
Effective and efficient ways of TAs in Education 
– Erik Schoorlemmer, Toine Andernach & Stefan Hugtenburg
Increasing student ambition: real possibilities or overambitious?
– Rob Mudde
Making your course blended 
– Wiebe Dijkstra
Motivational talk 
– Nanda Oomen- van der Els
Record your own teaching strategy with the DIY studio 
– Ines Labarca & Danika Marquis
Sharing experiences of creating blended courses with OER; student perspectives 
– Sofia Dopper, Angeniet Kam, Amarante Bottger & Deyan Draganov
The balance of maker education: free assignments in an extensive curriculum 
– Rolf Hut & Chris Kleijn
The perfect blend: how to use face-to-face time effectively?
– Jolien Strous & Angeniet Kam
Three principles that make teaching fun (spoiler: contains bits of Lean)
– Gert Hans Berghuis
Using the gradebook in your course
– Otto Visser