Education Day

Education Day 2018 - Unlock potential

On November 8th more than 150 teachers attended the Education Day 2018: Unlock Potential. Rob Mudde, Vice-President Education and Bas Flipsen, Academic Director at the Teaching Academy opened the event in Pulse. They dwelled shortly upon the topics of the workshop that were held later in the afternoon.

UN Convention

During the Education Day TU Delft emphasised Diversity by signing a declaration of intent. The declaration promotes the implementation of the UN Convention with regards to the rights of people with disabilities. TU Delft declared that the organisation will do whatever lies in its power to make the university more diverse and accessible.

Other topics were discussed as well, for example the teaching quality at TU Delft and the balance in the double assignment that teachers have: research and education.

Personalised and dynamic learning experiences

The kick-off was followed by a presentation of keynote speaker Youssef el Bouhassani, last year’s winner of the national Teacher of the Year award for higher education. He showed examples from his own teaching practice and discussed his latest development for more personalised and dynamic learning experiences. According to Youssef the role of a teacher these days is not filling knowledge gaps, but, igniting a fire in students and motivating them to be more curious and ambitious.

Unlock potential

During the afternoon, participants were challenged to unlock their potential. There were two rounds with workshops related to the topics unblocking student ambition, understanding diversity in classrooms, and using efficient and effective teaching methods. If you are interested in the content and the discussions that took place you can find the presentations and wrap-ups of the workshops below.

Awards 2018

After the workshops, it was time for the award ceremony. Anne-Kee Doing, president of the Student Council, handed out the Best Lecturer TU Delft 2018 award. See here a short movie with all nominees. Calvin Rans, assistant professor in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, took home the honors. He is known for being a very approachable and engaged lecturer, who continuously asks students for feedback in order to further improve his lectures. His students are highly enthusiastic about the courses he lectures on. Calvin will be TU Delft’s nomination for the national ISO Teacher of the Year award in 2019. 

Hadi Hajibeygi was elected Innovative Teaching Talent 2018. Hadi is assistant professor in the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. He lectures on the courses, Reservoir Simulation, Rock Fluid Physics and Advanced Reservoir Simulation, and set up the DARSIM research group.

Finally, Rob Mudde announced four new Education Fellows who have made a visible, substantial and valuable contribution to the education of TU Delft: Calvin Rans, Angeniet Kam, Chris Verhoeven and Martijn Stellingwerf. They will be appointed for a period of two years and receive a grant for educational purposes.  

We look back at a successful event, and we hope to welcome you next year for Education Day 2019!

Here you will find the presentations and wrap-ups of the workshops.




Consistent grading of assignments and projects 
– Lisette Harting
Digital Testing in Engineering Courses 
– Meta Keijzer & Erik Offerman
Diversity, a multi-perspective approach 
– Mike Kessler
Effective and efficient ways of TAs in Education 
– Erik Schoorlemmer, Toine Andernach & Stefan Hugtenburg
Increasing student ambition: real possibilities or overambitious?
– Rob Mudde
Making your course blended 
– Wiebe Dijkstra
Motivational talk 
– Nanda Oomen- van der Els
Record your own teaching strategy with the DIY studio 
– Ines Labarca & Danika Marquis
Sharing experiences of creating blended courses with OER; student perspectives 
– Sofia Dopper, Angeniet Kam, Amarante Bottger & Deyan Draganov
The balance of maker education: free assignments in an extensive curriculum 
– Rolf Hut & Chris Kleijn
The perfect blend: how to use face-to-face time effectively?
– Jolien Strous & Angeniet Kam
Three principles that make teaching fun (spoiler: contains bits of Lean)
– Gert Hans Berghuis
Using the gradebook in your course
– Otto Visser