UNLOCKING… Educators of TU Delft

In answer to the question ‘How well do you really know your lecturers? What drives them? What is their vision on studying, self-development and well-being? What life lessons have they learned?’ comes the ‘ Series of interviews- UNLOCKING...’ with a series of personal stories and insights, shared by lecturers, researchers and supervisors.

The stories show the struggles and doubts that students will sometimes face which are an inevitable part of personal growth. With some personal anecdotes, the interviewees will share their insights and experiences on how they have overcome challenges, what gives them resilience and what or who has made them stronger. They show that these lecturers, researchers and supervisors dream, doubt and (still) learn. The teaser for the first interview with Rob Mudde, vice president of education, can be found on the Career & Counselling Services Instagram page. The full interview is available on the TU Delft Youtube channel in the C&CS playlist. In 10 interviews with a diverse group of lecturers from TU Delft, Career & Counselling Services wants to bring well-being to the attention of students in a positive and inspiring way.