TU Delft Honour Master Students Reflections on Learning About Resilience

Resilience helps people thrive in whatever they do: be it a career in sport, business or life in general. In October 2020, students from the Masters Honours Track, “Business Leadership For Engineers” (BLE), attended a lecture entitled “Leading with Resilience”. Gerritjan Eggenkamp, Olympic rowing medallist, Partner at Avedon and a TU Delft alum, and Margaret Welten, Career Counsellor at TU Delft hosted the session. The aim of BLE was to take lessons from someone who has explored the topic of resilience in the most extreme fashion, namely as an Olympic athlete, and explore how resilience has contributed to his personal and professional success.

Discussions centred around a framework consisting of six domains of resilience: vision, composure, reasoning, health, tenacity and collaboration.

Find out more about the discussion in The Educator and have a look at the brief overview of the six domains and reflections from the students below. 


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