Education Fellowship

The TU Delft Education Fellowship is a two-year grant (€25,000 per year per fellow) to carry out an innovative educational project.  The Fellowship recognises and appreciates the efforts of ‘lecturers’ for educational innovation and boosts the impact on educational reform and development. Lecturers, Assistant professors, Associate professors and Full professors are eligible as Education Fellow. The Dean of each faculty nominates each year a maximum of two potential Fellows. Each year TU Delft appoints four new Education Fellows. Since 2016, 31 Education Fellows have started their educational fellow project.

Education Fellows are accountable for intended project results and are supposed to actively propagate them to the (Engineering) Education Community both inside and outside the university.
Furthermore, Education Fellows perform an ambassadorial role within the university. They encourage other lecturers to also be or get actively involved in educational innovation. To this end, Fellows will also be actively involved in the Teaching Academy and the TU Delft Education Day.


Annoesjka Cabo | Academic Director Teaching Academy

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