Congratulation to the Faculty Lecturers of the Year 2022!

Congratulations to the Faculty Lecturers of the Year 2022, who were elected by students for their educational endeavours. 

These 8 extraordinary educators are also nominees for the title: TU Delft Lecturer of the Year 2022. The winner of this title will be announced during the Education Day (10 November). 

The TU Delft Lecturer of the Year 2022 will be nominated for the national election of ISO ‘Docent van het Jaar’. This prestigious award grants exclusive participation in the Comenius network and a funding to be spent on education innovation.  

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash
applied sciences

Prof. H.S.J. (Herre) van der Zant

Industrial Design Engineering A. (Alessandro) Bozzon

Architecture & the Built Environment

Ir. C.J. (Christien) Janssen

Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Prof. J.G. (Jan) Rots -

Aerospace Engineering M.I. (Marc) Gerritsma

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science

ir. E.W. (Egbert) Bol

Technology, Policy and Management

Dr. T.W.C. (Tom) Vroegrijk

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