Does your student need support? Look at the guidance offered by the student psychologists

The nice long holiday is over. Students have resumed their courses. Hopefully they have started fresh and enthusiastic. The first exams will have taken place already. 

If you notice a student who would use some extra support, it can be helpful to know what is offered by the student psychologists at TU.  

Exam stress, fear of presenting, difficulty arranging study work? We offer short treatment for these problems. 

Loneliness, feeling gloomy, fear of failure? We have trainings, online and on campus for this. 

Students with autism or ADHD? We can offer them guidance as well. 

Overthinking, perfectionism, anxiety and stress? Very common problems amongst our students. We can teach them methods on how to deal with these obstacles.  

We are there for all students and PHD’s with mild psychological complaints. People with more severe psychological complaints will be advised to turn to their GP.  

We can offer you as a teacher, advice on how to deal with behaviour of students who need you a bit more than usual. 


For more information on our service: 

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