Overview Educational Support

An overview of the support available for your education; Preparing, Sharing, Delivering and Assessing Education.

Updated: 21/12/2021

Central Support for all TU Delft Lecturers

Trainings, Webinars, Meet & Eats and other events

Training to convert your course to online: “Teaching and Learning for Campus Courses”

Online self-paced course in Brightspace: “Teaching and Learning for Campus Courses”

Support lecturers throughout the process of converting their Q3/Q4 course to online learning

Lecturers will review their existing course design, identify which elements of it can take place asynchronously and which need to take place synchronously, choose the types of activities and tools that work best online, and create a new online course experience for their students.

Key Elements
- Templates
- Examples
- Recommendation
- Expected time to spend on the course for lecturers: +-8 hours
- Online, self-paced

Enrolment & Dates
Lecturers can self-enroll for the Brightspace course that has been set up for this training. Contact your Faculty Coordinator for questions.
The recordings can also be found in the Brightspace course.

Training (for Teaching Assistants) on how to work with Möbius

Online self-paced course in Brightspace (for Teaching Assistants): “Möbius Training TLS”

Support Teaching Assistants (and/or lecturers) in working with Möbius.


Teaching Assistants (and/or lecturers) will learn how to enter questions in Möbius and how to assess the quality of questions.  


Key Elements
- Remote Assessment
- Especially for Teaching Assistants
- Online, Self-paced


Enrolment & Dates
Self-paced Möbius training (NB: to access the training search for “Möbius Training” in the Brightspace course catalogue. It is available for self-enrolment)


Weekly (recorded) webinars on different subjects to prepare, share, deliver and assess education

Weekly, online, synchronous webinars for lecturers and support staff various topics related to online teaching and learning.

Support lecturers in their online education by zooming in on subjects that are actual at the moment.

Previously recorded webinars:
Recordings are available from previous webinars on subject varying from: Creating video’s from home; Presentation slides and scripting; Visuals and discussion boards; Orals exams; Rubrics; Engaging students; Synchronous learning; and many more.

Watch them here on the Teaching Academy website.

Key Elements
- Sharing knowledge
- Exchanging tips and tricks
- Try out tools
- Q&A
- Demand driven
- Online

Enrolment & Dates
The webinars are every week on Wednesday.

here for upcoming webinars and registration.

Meet & Eats

Monthly lunch meetings where lecturers share educational innovations, experiments, lessons learned, failures and other experiences.

Lecturers sharing experiences, connecting and interacting with peers.

Meet & Eat Recordings
Previously recorded meet & eats including those relating to the remote-period.

Watch them
here on the Teaching Academy website.

Key Elements
- Sharing experiences amongst lecturer
- Connecting & interacting with peers
- Online for the time being

Enrolment & Dates
The meet & eats are organised every month.

here on the Teaching Academy website for registration and dates.

Other events

Besides the trainings and events mentioned above, there are more (online) events to join or to look back via the recordings. Our offer varies from the UTQ training, Community building, Support on grants, Webinars & open office hours on Data responsibility, Journal Clubs and Education Conversations to the Education Day, and more...

Have a look at the
agenda on the Teaching Academy Website for an overview of the upcoming events.


Individual support

From the Central ESA department (in cooperation with faculties and other support staff like ICT) there is support available for individual lecturers with questions regarding their education.

Type of Questions

Example questions




- How can I restructure my course to retain student engagement?
- I provide a campus course for 400 students. How do I convert this to a good functioning online course?
- How can I use the minimal time I physically have with students for the best?
- What is the best way to assess my course?

- Max. 6hours free of advice.
- Quick and personal support by a learning developer.
- Response the same day (or at the most the next day), with follow up by the same learning developer.
- Also known as SOC (Snel Onderwijs Consult).


Work days 9:00-17:00h.

Functional/ Technical

- What remote assessment tools are available, and which should I use?

- Please help me with the gradebook settings
- I receive an error message when I want to access my recorded lecture in Kaltura
- How do I set up a YouSeeU meeting with requirement X and Z?

- How do I decide which online meeting tool to use?

- Functional and technical questions on centrally supported educational tooling
- Response as soon as possible within opening hours. Hands-on support most of the times the same day.
- Extra support available.

+31 (0) 15- 27 84 333


Work days 9:00-17:00h.

Educational tooling

- I would like to use a specific tool that is not centrally supported and not provided yet by the TU Delft. What should I do?
- I am not sure if the tool I am using is privacy proof? Can you help me? 

- Advise on new educational tooling from a team of experts working at ESA and ICT (incl. Data responsibility)
- Advise on privacy/security for tools used in TU education.


Overview of educational tooling and advice on data responsibility.

Online Open Office Hours for questions relating to data responsibility of tooling used in (online) education.

Go here on the Teaching Academy website for registration and dates.


Other Relevant Links and Websites

TU Delft information regarding coronavirus


Brightspace Support (including a.o. Remote Teaching & Learning and Remote Assessment)


Brightspace Matrix (improve your Brightspace course) https://brightspace-matrix.tudelft.nl

Remote Assessment


Möbius Support Overview


MS Teams for Education


Educational Tooling Overview


Lecturers Sharing Experiences


A wide range of teaching skills Cheat Sheets


Video and Multimedia Support


Library Support https://www.tudelft.nl/en/library/library-for-teachers 

Faculty Support

Reach out to the support team of your faculty (via the Faculty ESA Teams, the Faculty website, email)

Teaching Academy


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