The experimentation and testing environment for all TU Delft teachers. A laboratory where, as a teacher, you can experiment with new forms of education or tools. Together with students and fellow-teachers from all faculties. Try  out new assignments, improved ways of lecturing or the implementation of a new educational concept. All with professional (technical & didactical) support.

The Teaching Lab is housed between our shared education building PULSE (opens 2018) and the faculty Industrial Design Engineering, nearby the New Media Centre. You can also just sit down and do some work there, grab a cup of coffee and discuss with fellow teachers. We’ll host educational events, such as Meet & Eats, workshops or sessions organized by yourself, at this new education heart of our campus.

For teachers, by teachers at TU Delft.

Save the date for the opening of the Teaching Lab: September 27th in the afternoon.


Rooms & Facilities:

  • A forum for bigger groups (up to 100 persons, large screen available)
  • Lab spaces for education experiments
  • Mini studio for do-it-yourself recordings
  • Videoconferencing room (up to 13 people)
  • 8 Project/ workshop rooms (4-36 people)
  • Living room & informal meeting spaces
  • Variety of individual and group working places
  • VR & AR tools
  • Interactive & digital whiteboards