Remote Teaching & Learning

Below you find an overview of relevant links regarding teaching and learning remotely. This overview will be updated regularly. If you have an interesting link that we could add to this overview, please send an e-mail to:

Are you currently (planning on) transferring your course to remote teaching and would you like more advice on this? If you have any questions on tooling or didactics the Teaching and Learning Services support team is here to help you. Click on the button below for contact details! 

Remote Teaching & Learning

TU Delft

The Remote Teaching & Learning guide

  • Teaching remotely for large audiences
  • Teaching remotely for smaller groups

Outside TU Delft

The Dutch Open University has developed a website containing guidelines, tips, and directions for developing, setting up, and supervising remote education. (only available in Dutch)


Difference between remote and online learning (Background Article)

Surf created an overview on support offered to lecturers at Dutch Universities

Webinars & Online Learning modules

TU Delft

A series of (recorded) webinars on remote teaching are offered to all TU Delft lecturers and support staff every Wednesday. You can join these sessions to discuss different topics, answer questions and share experiences regarding remote teaching.

You can find the upcoming webinars and information about enrolment in the agenda and the upcoming events overview on the homepage. Quickly sign up here!

Already enrolled? Go directly to the BrightSpace course:

Designing an online course TU Delft Style (starting April 21)

Outside TU Delft

Webinars by Surf

How to learn online on EdX

(Recorded) Webinars Dutch Open University

Micro learnings on online education by Dutch Open University

Remote Assessment

TU Delft

Remote Assessment guide

Outside TU Delft

FAQ by Surf

Assessing Remotely by Surf

Assessing Remotely (Article)


TU Delft

Centrally supported tools

Educational tooling overview

Outside TU Delft

Tooling (article)

Sharing experiences

TU Delft

Lecturers share going remote and exchange tips and experiences

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Remote Studying for Students

TU Delft

Tips for students to guide them through these difficult times. Remote Studying- How to make it work. Feel free to share this with students.