Me and my supervisors: same team, same page?!

What is it? 

Students and supervisors: same team, same page ?! is a made-to-measure workshop on undesirable situations, thoughts and dilemma's that occur during a graduation project. Focus is on the collaboration between student and the members of the supervisory team. It questions whether this collaboration is defined by (false) preconceptions, or evidence that student and supervisors collaborate effectively. The workshop frames the graduation project as a team effort, where students and supervisors have understanding of each other's context and act with their shared goal in mind. It offers practical ways of improving the collaboration.

How does it work?

After making an inventory of issues in collaboration, participants emphasise with all the (other) graduation team members, they explore more desirable ways of collaboration and conclude with concrete recommendations to themselves on how to improve their role and impact on that particular element of collaboration. The facilitator supports this process by questioning and illustrating the concrete examples through some models.

Bringing Students and Supervisors: same team, same page?! to the classroom

  • Do students and/or supervisory team members have a misunderstanding about the nature of (collaborating in) a graduation project?
  • Do students and/or supervisory team members need help with aligning expectations and creating mutual benefits from a graduation project?
  • Are graduation project teams unable to prevent the project from spinning out of control?

Run the workshop "Students and supervisors: same team, same page ?!"


We have developed a basic workflow of exercises that offer reflection from the perspective of students, chairs and mentors, but each workshop is tuned to the specific conditions of the type of participants (student, chair, or mentor) and their context, in co-creation with the main stakeholder(s):

  1. we determine what common issues in collaboration can be identified now
  2. we determine who to invite to the workshop (student, chair or mentor?)
  3. you use the workshop format independent from us, but with our help and expertise to tune and implement the workshop into your context


will follow soon