Mentoring Train

What is it? 

Reflective mentoring is an activating, interactive workshop which empowers mentors to become context aware mentors. Mentors who are aware of social safety, of the diversity of students and the effect on that in mentoring. Mentors receive practical tools to use in their mentoring group and are intriduced to open ended questioning as a powerful tool for productive and meaningful interactions.

How does it work?

In co-creation with the program that has mentors, we develop a workshop to train the mentors in their role. We take local considerations into account (such as available time and support, previous training and the intended role of the mentor in the program). Together we decide what training is necessary and how this can be supported long term. This is an interative proces.

Bringing reflective mentoring to the classroom 

  • Do you have mentors for your BSc or MSc students or for group work?
  • Do you want to have social safety in those groups?
  • Are mentors sometimes uncomfortable or unsure in their mentor role?
  • Would you like to have peer support amongst mentors?

Get in touch to see where we can assist.


  • We have an existing workshop that can be adapted to specific needs
  • Are your mentors already started? We can adopt the workshop to the fase that they are in.
  • Is there already an existing mentor training? Let's exchange ideas and see if there is room to optimize.


"I had a mentor training before with similar same subjects. Thanks to this reflective mentoring training I can really apply this knowledge and have impact for my students" (Experienced mentor)

"In this mentor training, I became aware that mentoring is something different to me than handing out advice. That I can help students find their own way by asking open ended questions" (Student mentor)

"Due to this mentor training I realized that different students might  need something different from me. It also gave me tools to adress this with my students in a socially safe way" (Teacher mentor)

This Campfire Talk intervision game was supported by a Comenuis teaching fellow grant.