What is it? 

My Rubric is a co-creative guide for adaptive assessment, which aims to offer a constructive, resilient alternative to the current rubric. In a nutshell, MyRubric facilitates a process in which mentors and students align their expectations by co-constructing a shared understanding of a course's learning objectives (LOs) and outcomes through active reflection and dialogue. Its purpose is to develop awareness and ownership towards their personal learning experiences.

How does it work?

This co-creation workshop is scheduled at a first stage of a course. Through it, students and coaches deconstruct the meaning of the original course LO using trigger questions and translate it from abstract to concrete by brainstorming feasible and desirable actions to get there. Furthermore, the groups are are given the possibility to change those LOs in agreement with the group.

Bringing MyRubric to the classroom

Do you have the feeling that your students do not fully grasp the meaning of the Learning Objectives of your course?
Perhaps you are interested in making them more aware of what they are actually learning throughout the course?
Or you just think that could be helpful to create a strong common grounding at the beginning of the course.

Well, then MyRubric might be something interesting for you!

Direct implementation

  • Let students experiment with the course learnings in a workshop


"It was nice to get on the same page with the team"

"It was interesting because we hadn't really stopped to look at the learning outcomes before."

"We had nice discussions within our group"