Third prize for two BK graduates in DAIDA Foundation Global Thesis award

Nieuws - 23 februari 2022

Two recent MSc graduated from our faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment became third in the finale of the DAIDA Foundation Global Thesis award 2021. The annual event, acknowledges master graduates who come up with ideas to improve the lives of vulnerable groups living in rapidly growing cities in the context of the Global South. Ramona Scheffer and Zhuo-ming Shia were shortlisted with their graduation work amongst 10 other nominees and ended up sharing third place.

Ramona Scheffer

The Workers Madinat - Housing For Migrant Workers In Oman
The current standard of labour camps in Oman and other Gulf countries often only provides insufficient living conditions for migrant workers. A digital ethnographic study reveals reoccurring patterns in the camps and provides a theoretical backbone for a resilient neighbourhood that benefits both the migrant and local population.

  • Read the thesis 'The Workers Madinat' here.

Zhuo Ming-Shia

An Architecture of Enablement
In the majority of cases, the design and production of housing is a product driven system much to the detriment of rapidly urbanising cities in the Global South. Can a new system of housing driven by process offer an alternative to the current mass housing model?

  • Read the thesis 'An Architecture of Enablement' here.

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