Job Openings

We invite applications for faculty positions, from junior to senior level, in the complete range of research topics within the field of Bionanoscience. We are particularly eager to expand in the following research areas: cell biology, synthetic biology and super-resolution microscopy (nanoscopy)See also

We look for group leaders with an outstanding scientific track record in bionanosciences, people with a pioneering mentality who appreciate scientific and engineering challenges and who through their research, management skills, and teaching qualities can inspire co-workers and students alike. Successful candidates will be expected to establish a strong, externally funded research program and be committed to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

For more information about these positions, please contact Prof. Marileen Dogterom (head of the Department of Bionanoscience) T: +31 (0)15-278 5937, E:
For general information about the application procedure you are welcome to contact Emmylou van Hartrop (office manager) T: +31 (0)15-278 2318, E:

To apply please e-mail your application letter, a detailed cv, a researchplan and list with at least 3 references to

PhD-students and Postdocs

For PhD-students and Postdocs please check the lab-website of each faculty member. For more information about PhD and Postdoc positons you can also check the Casimir website.

Support staff

Currently there are no support staff vacancies.