The Department of Bionanoscience was established in 2010 and has since expanded to approximately 120 people. The department is expected to grow to approximately 200 people. Each faculty member (currently 19, growing to 20) runs his or her own lab independently, regardless whether they are assistant, associate or full professor, and reports directly to the Chair of the Department.

The department is led by the Departmental Chair (Martin Depken) who also chairs the department’s management team. The Bionanoscience management team is responsible for the final decision-making on strategic, scientific and organisation matters and meets once every two weeks. The faculty meeting – consisting of all Principal Investigators (PIs) – meets every month and advises the management team on scientific and strategic matters.

Each faculty member (or PI) meets with his/her lab on a weekly basis to discuss scientific developments. The technicians and analysts meet on a monthly basis, in order to share information and discuss new developments.